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Written by Alyce Mott   
Sunday, 09 March 2008 10:05
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FAQ and Policies of VHSource
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Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Why can't I see linked documents? Why must I create an account?

In order to better serve our customers, we are asking all people interested in VHSource to create an account and log-in. There is no cost and the log-in allows you immediate access to all linked documents which will open automatically, allow you to post a comment to the Forum and receive the monthly newsletter. This E-newsletter will only go to registered users and only registered users will be able to download back issues.


2)  I registered but I don't see a confirmation e-mail.  What is the problem?

Some e-mail programs are very aggressive when it comes to e-mail they do not recognize.  We are finding that if a user doesn't receive a confirmation in a relatively short time, that it has been classified as SPAM and will be found in that directory.  To counteract this problem, create an entry in your address book for This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and you'll receive your mail from VHSource, LLC.  If you are still having problems, e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we'll fix the problem manually, making sure you can log in.


3) How soon will I receive my download purchase?

As soon as the PayPal engine approves your purchase, you will receive an e-mail confirming that and sending you to the download area. You may download your purchase 3 times in 5 days. After the 5th day, the downloadable file will no longer be available to you. Please plan you purchase accordingly.  NOTE: We have had a few folks elect to use e-checks for purchasing downloads.  Be aware that e-check can take up to 8 to 10 days as they must clear the e-check issuer first and then PayPal.  Using a credit card is the fastest way to get your document. Should you have any difficulty whatsoever regarding obtaining your download, please do not hesitate to contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


4) I believe I can find this material for free on the Internet. Why should I buy from Shop VHSource?

There are a number of reasons, why purchasing materials is better than downloading free materials:

A) Our materials are for performance purposes as well as research and to that end we have optimized the document, including removing the shaded background coloration as much as possible that results in the photocopying of older documents which are often discolored. You will also find only one page of score/part on a page -- never two in reduced size. Victor Herbert materials range in age from 80 to 110 years old and photocopying actually improves the quality of the document.

B) When you purchase from VHSource, you not only get the document but you have access to VHSource, LLC owner's years of experience and knowledge in finding and producing Herbert materials. If you have questions, you have a direct real person source for the answers and if we can't provide the answer, we'll find someone who can.

C) Shop VHSource materials are ready for performance use, especially piano/vocals, scores and parts. If they are offered by Shop VHSource they have been performed previously, whether they are newly entered into the computer or photocopies of older parts. In short, they have been played down.

D) VHSource, LLC Owner, Alyce Mott, has maintained since 1999 and has specialized in finding answers for Herbert lovers and promoting Herbert performances. In addition, she and co-founder Dino Anagnost of the Little Orchestra Society created the Victor Herbert Renaissance Project in 1995 which has presented 12 Herbert concerts at New York City's Lincoln Center involving such stars as Sally Anne Howes, Estelle Parsons, Lynn Redgrave and Patrice Munsel. She is the librettist for 12 new performance versions of the most famous Herbert operettas.

5) I don't see the production, song, scores, parts I'm looking for. Can you Help?

Absolutely, if you don't see it, e-mail us and we'll get to work. A customer in England was recently looking for the libretto to The Enchantress, sent us an e-mail and had the document within four days. If it's in our offices, we'll have it in the store in less than one week.

It will be a good many years before everything that VHSource, LLC has accumulated over the past two decades will be on-line. We also have contracted with other music publishers who also have materials. We'll also tell you who is currently selling regularly published materials. We augment the regular Music Publishing Companies and know what's out there for easy purchase. Shop often - you never know what item will appear next. You may also subscribe to the store through an RSS feed located on the first page of Shop VHSource and be kept up-to-date as items are added.


6) Do I get performance rights?

Shop VHSource deals in Public Domain materials as well as copyrighted works. For the time being, look for the words Public Domain, New Version or Leaseable at the beginning of the information for each production. You always have all production rights for all Public Domain materials. Performance rights to all copyrighted and/or Leaseable materials will need to be conveyed by the owner of those rights.


7) I'm looking for orchestra parts but don't see what I need. What do I do next?

Again, e-mail us and we'll get to work - either making available what you need if it already exists or finding someone who can create it for you. This is definitely true for individual songs. Whole operettas are a different matter. VHSource, LLC is constantly searching for individuals who wish to be involved in saving these American treasures. If you wish to be involved, contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it directly.


8) Is there a difference between Shop VHSource materials and those sold at established Music Publication houses?

All VHSource materials are coming from the original Victor Herbert scores. Whenever you are looking to purchase scores and parts from anyone, be sure to ask that question. Victor Herbert was an orchestration genius and anyone who does more than re-arrange the order of original materials is suspect. We recommend also being wary of "arranged by" or "music added by" labels. You can trust the names Otto Langey and Harold Sanford as both men were approved by Herbert during his lifetime.  Lynn Harrell, a marvelous cellist who has loving created new Herbert materials for cello and strings, is an equally trusted name.


If you have still more questions we haven't covered, send them off and we'll add to our collection. Remember to program Victor Herbert or ask your local orchestra to do so. You will not ever regret it! It is truly "music for the soul."



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