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Written by Alyce Mott   
Monday, 10 March 2008 12:32
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The Victor Herbert Renaissance Project is dedicated to returning the music of Victor Herbert to the modern American repertoire.

Victor Herbert's music has fallen into the abyss of forgetfulness, simply because he was never blessed with a wonderful librettist. Critics constantly lamented the fact after each production that Herbert "still had not found his Gilbert". Yet it is almost impossible to play Sullivan without Gilbert or listen to Gilbert's words without Sullivan's music. While they were one of the finest collaborations in the history of musical theatre of any type, separately they were never able to equal their collective success.

Fortunately, Herbert is Herbert. The melodies sparkle and beg for words. The orchestrations amaze and thrill even today's orchestrators and musicians, and the choruses -- the lushness of the choral work will astound the listener. Since the books are the reason for Herbert's disappearance from American culture, pure total revivals of Herbert productions would seem to be out of the question. Leading one to ask, "what can be done?"

The Victor Herbert Renaissance Project has chosen to simply create new productions utilizing Herbert's original orchestrations and scores with fresh books and lyrics as needed. Sometimes it's a better telling of the same story; sometimes it's a whole new story. Librettist Alyce Mott does not write modern stories so much as she retains the spirit and the language of the times while giving a modern audience an evening of enjoyment which allows Herbert's music to shine through. Conductor Dino Anagnost chooses the best of each score and then fashions a new cohesive whole, sometimes rearranging the order, sometimes leaving out numbers, sometimes piecing different portions of long involved finales into new production numbers. Together the two artists are molding brand new productions which allow Victor Herbert to take center stage once again as the brilliant creator of America's most romantic music.<P>

The Following Productions have been produced in New York City by The Little Orchestra Society at various Lincoln Center locations. They are available for performance anywhere in the United States or the rest of the world. All of the offerings utilize Herbert's original orchestrations for full orchestra, but can easily be adapted for piano or smaller instrumentations. If any of the lengths do not suit your situation, do not hesitate to contact Ms. Mott about expanding any of the shorter productions.

Click on the Operetta titles below to see the programs and the first 10 pages of script. Should you like what you see contact Alyce Mott if you have any interest in producing any of these productions.

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