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Here you can rent or purchase the orchestrations for an entire original Herbert operetta in digital, downloadable formats; OR rent a copyrighted Victor Herbert Renaissance Project libretto with full matching Herbert orchestrations also in digital format.

Your Choice - Your Budget
Your Approach to the material.

Note:  If you desire to do you own version of  a complete Herbert operetta with piano or small combo only, you need only purchase a digital copy of the original libretto and a digital copy of the original piano/vocal score, located under the librettos and/or piano vocals department in Shop VHSource.

This area is solely for the purpose of obtaining the full original orchestrations and/or any Mott libretto which has been modernized, tested and copyrighted.

NOTE: whenever Mott uses the term "modernized" it means edited by retaining its original form, spirit and primary characters while making it playable by today's theatre companies for today's audiences.  It does not mean set in a different era, peppered with modern references or edited away from the original story.

When VHSource uses the term "copyrighted," it is with the full ramifications of any US copyright law. VHSource is the sole licensing agent for all Mott copyrighted versions of Herbert operettas.

Just as with the major licensing organizations, when renting materials you will be asked to sign and submit a contract which will detail the aspects of your performances (i.e., # of perfs with dates, venue, ticket prices, etc.) and responsibilities with respect to performance materials. VHSource has done its best to make this contract as simple as possible. You will find a sample of this contract in pdf form on the home page of either original orchestration rental or copyrighted rentals.  Each operetta will have pricing and an information sheet for assisting VHSource in finalizing your contract.

Contracts will be tendered with instructions once an information sheet has been received.  Such information sheet can be found on the home page of each type of rental and should be downloaded, filled in and email to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

There are no restrictions as to the length of time up to one full year prior to your performances during which you may have the materials. You may print out as little or as much as you need. If you are renting the materials, the steps you need to take following your performances are detailed in your contract.  However, there is no need for erasure and/or return of materials as per contract.

All of the materials offered here have been computerized and are in DIGITAL FORM. They have also been performed by at least one and often several different producing organizations.

Each production listed is definitely available in hard copy format at increased pricing. Source and contact e-mail will be provided.  As each operetta becomes available in digital format, it's information will be updated.



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