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Welcome to the VHS digital performance materials store.

Here you will find a listing of every pdf of original Victor Herbert performance materials that VHSource has on hand.  You may see sample of your materials before you purchase.

Why spend money on PDFs of photocopies?  They are performance ready.  You need not destroy a valuable historic document ever again in order to provide performance materials to both your accompanist, soloists and choruses.  Just print out what you need and make as many copies as you need. All materials, unless noted in the description, are in the Public domain. Even better once you purchase the PDF, you own the PDF. Please be fair and suggest our site to others who are in search of performance ready materials.

PS:  Once you print out your materials you'll need a great way to bind them so they lie flat on the stand.  Rather than hauling out your scotch tape, simply check out VPC Music Master for a wonderful system that will have your cast members or orchestra members singing your praises.

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