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Al Fresco
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Al Fresco

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This is the Public Domain piano/vocal for the song “Al Fresco” as it was used in Herbert's 1904 operetta It Happened In Norland.  The original creation of “Al Fresco” was an experiment conducted by Isidore Witmark and Herbert around 1902 ascertain which was more important from a marketing point of view, the song or the composer of the song. Herbert published  “Al Fresco” as a sheet of salon music under the pseudonym Frank Roland. Sales were excellent, proving that the strength of the song itself stimulated profits. In November of 1904, they re-issued the music under Herbert’s name. As he finished up Nordland’s Act II, he found himself in need of music to unscore and highlight the  carnival scene at the beginning of the act. Remembering “Al Fresco”, he reworked the melody into a chorus and orchestra piece.  Instrumental precedes the chorus portion in the Key of C. This is the Nordland version.

Al Fresco PV - sample



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