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Written by Alyce Mott   
Friday, 14 March 2008 09:34
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VHSource - The Operetta Solution
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Using the Digital World To Go Live


VHSource, LLC is new concept for the United States involving using today's technology to bring older operetta materials back to live performances. We aim to be your source for hard-to-find operetta materials written between 1880s and 1930 in digital downloadable pdf files and WORD documents. We will offer photocopies of original librettos, word documents, pdfs, ebooks, dvds and mp3s to assist you in choosing and accomplishing live performances of older works. (See below for the types of materials we will offer.)

We also will encourage community through the use of a forum where operetta lovers around the world can discuss their passion.

Finally, VHSource, LLC will provide performance packages for those orchestras who wish to perform Herbert and others, but who don't have the writers, researchers and time to devote to the creation of today's audience-friendly work.

In almost all cases, the music of older operettas is glorious and the librettos are archaic, pedantic and undoable. VHSource, LLC was founded on the idea that utilizing older librettos drives away more audience than it pulls in. But the music - oh, the music! That's what we want to save.

Victor Herbert and his contemporaries were composers of gorgeous melody. Herbert in particular was truly the foundation of modern popular song, Before there was a Berlin or a Kern or a Cohen, there was Herbert writing beautiful melody while the three composers were growing up. To ignore Herbert is to ignore the beginnings of truly American music. While the core of VHSource, LLC is the works of Herbert, it will expand to other operetta composers.

Sitting in a live performance of Herbert, Friml, Romberg, etc., especially with an orchestra is to truly reveille in fine music, nuanced orchestrations, and hummable songs. In fact, if you haven't heard these works with a live orchestra, you have not truly heard them. Good music leaves an indelible imprint on your brain - an interesting measure of quality that today's works often fail.

You will never walk out of a Herbert concert without hearing the music in your head for the next couple of weeks.

What does this mean for you the searcher? Instant access to the material you are seeking if you choose to re-create yourself. No waiting for the piece to be mailed or retrieved from a library. If you find the material you are seeking, you click on the product, provide your credit card information, check out and get the download link in less than 5 minutes. For those of you who ever spent weeks or months looking for a resource, you will be amazed at the WOW factor.

One often does not wish to use original piano vocals or librettos in a real production. The wear and tear destroys the valuable original. You'll want to photocopy the entire book. We've done the work for you and in a form that allows you to print it out as often as you like.

VHSource, LLC grew out of a belief, seemly held by today's leasing houses that there is NO REAL MARKET for Victor Herbert or any other operetta in the world of live performance. Alyce Mott, co-founder of the Victor Herbert Renaissance Project based in New York City, has personally gathered thousands of pages of Herbert material, spending long hours in the Library of Congress photocopying each page. Many of you have actually obtained materials by contacting Ms. Mott. Convinced the lack of easily obtained materials and the time it takes to assemble those materials, she has conceived VHSource, LLC as both a store to distribute these materials immediately and market performance packages and her consulting skills.

The aim of VHSource, LLC is to solve your two largest obstacles to performing Herbert and other operettas live:

  • The difficulty of finding performance materials
  • The archaic nature of the majority of librettos attached to these works.

VHSource, LLC is a company with two distinct divisions:

  • Shop VHSource E-commerce Store
  • VHSource Consulting





Shop VHSource E-commerce Store

The E-commerce portion of VHSource, LLC opened officially on June 4, 2008 and encompasses the following:

Operetta Librettos

  • Photocopies of Original Public Domain Librettos
  • Re-typed Original Librettos (WORD)
  • New Concert Version Librettos
  • New Production Librettos

Piano/Vocals - Piano/Conductor Scores


  • Original (photocopies and computerized versions of Herbert original uncut works)
  • Newly licensed versions (computerized altered versions)

Orchestral parts

  • Original (photocopies and computerized versions of Herbert original uncut works)
  • Newly licensed versions (computerized altered versions)

Publicity Packets (useful reviews, pictures, etc.) - Coming

MP3s of Operettas - Coming

  • Original Public Domain Material
  • Newly created recordings
  • MP3s of Radio Programs focusing on Operetta
  • Radio Programs Owned by Creator

Research E-books - Coming

  • Background on Individual Operettas
  • Creating New Materials From Old
  • Staging a Concert Version with Full Orchestra

All of the above will either be owned by VHSource, LLC or vendors who hold an agreement with VHSource, LLC. Each product will be available for immediate download to consumer's computer upon payment by credit card. For those not interested in paying by on-line credit card, there will be a faxable/mailable form for printing and ordering in the conventional manner.

The two major advantages of Shop VHSource are the immediately available product with no delay in shipping, financial clearance and 24/7/365 shopping.






Performance Packages

The other side of the coin for VHSource, LLC is a consulting buiness emcompassing program consultation, stage direction and complete packages for both professional and academic orchestras. Alyce Mott is both a stage director and a playwright. The Victor Herbert Renaissance Project ("VHRP") consists of Ms. Mott and co-founder, Conductor, Dino Anagnost of the The Little Orchestra Society of New York City. VHRP has restored eight of Victor Herbert's most famous operettas into easily replicated concert productions, all of which have met the audience test at NYC's Lincoln Center and took a year to create. VHRP has been enchanting audiences since 1995 and the materials were created originally for such wonderful stars as Sally Anne Howes. Patrice Munsel, Lynn Redgrave and Estelle Parsons.

These evenings will soon be available to orchestras across the country who would like to bring proven material to their local audiences without the research, retooling and long months of work to create the final product.

Both the performance materials themselves and/or an artist-in-residence proposal are now available:

  • Naughty Marietta
  • The Fortune Teller
  • Mlle Modiste
  • Sweethearts
  • Eileen
  • The Red Mill
  • Babes In Toyland
  • Cyrano de Bergerac (Yes, Herbert created a version in 1899)


To Sum It All UP . . .

You can participate in VHSource, LLC as a forum member, a purchaser of materials, a contributor to the website, a vendor of materials or a purchaser of performance packages. Please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to discuss the details of what VHSource, LLC has to offer your performing group.



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