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Full length original Herbert operettas
(both unaltered and slightly modernized)

For the first time ever, you may now rent or purchase Victor Herbert's original orchestrations for your own library. Contracts are only required for rental of orchestrations. You may NOT share rental orchestrations with a third party as per contract. Each of these original offerings is in the Public Domain, and therefore you may rewrite the librettos, and pick and choose from the score in any way which fits your organization's needs.  While you are not bound by any rule or law, please try to respect Herbert's own very strong desire NOT to interpolate other songs into his scores -- even his own.

Each original operetta listing will provide casting/orchestration needs as well as availability of a clean typed or modernized libretto.

Download an VHS Rental Information Sheet - Orig Orch - 2013

Download a VHS Blank License 2013 - sample

Note: With regards to Full Scores. Such scores were NEVER available to production companies prior to 2000. It is only with the computerization of the original scores that such a luxury is now becoming more common.

Where such documents are available, it will be indicated although they may or may not be available in PDF format as part of the package. Each description will give you more information on full scores. They may be rented or purchased for a separate fee. The full score is not necessarily a "must have" items. Again, they are solely the result of the restoration process of computerizing from original Herbert's handwritten scores.

If not included within the quoted fees, the cost range for full scores is usually between $150 and $500 for purchase and $100-300 for rental with appropriate shipping costs if they are not in PDF format.

The original Herbert published PVs match the measure numbers of the original orchestrations exactly. The included PV may very well be a Public Domain published PV or Conductor PV - such distinction will be noted in description. The advantage of a PDF of such a Public Domain piano/vocal is the ease of printing, marking up, re-arranging of numbers and distribution to your cast.  Should you be fortunate enough to own an original Herbert PV, you will not need to destroy it to present your production.

Each original operetta offered will supply you with the following digital materials:

1.  Original Piano/Vocal
2.  Original or Modernized Libretto
3.  A full set of orchestral parts (clean and unbowed)

The List below will be expanded on a regular basis as materials become available.  Each set will be noted as to their availability in Shop VHSource or elsewhere (with contact information given).

Each description will give you a brief plot, character/vocal needs, and orchestral instrumentation. If VHSource is handling the materials you will find an information sheet to return to begin the licensing process.

If you are contemplating doing a Herbert operetta with only piano or small combo, you should return to the Libretto and Piano Vocal areas of Shop VHSource for materials.


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Madeleine - opera

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One Act Opera -1914 - Rental 
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Magic Knight - Opera

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One Act Opera - 1906 - rental 
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Mlle Modiste

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1905 Orig - Rental Price 
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